Kathryn Eddy

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From the Farm to a Grocery Store Near You

From the Farm to a Grocery Store Near You, 2013, Sculpey clay with acrylic paint, Variable size

Eating Animals

Eating Animals, 2013, Sculpey clay with acrylic paint, Variable size

These sculptures beckon the viewer to step up close in order to question how we look at animals used for consumption. What from a distance appears to be a cute, anthropomorphized pig or a cow sticking out her tongue are actually animals that capture the brutality of the slaughterhouse and remind us that what comes to us in a neatly packaged Styrofoam tray was at one time a sentient and living being.

Kathryn Eddy is an interdisciplinary artist who uses painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, writing, and immersive sound installation to explore the complexities of the animal/human-animal relationship. As an activist against racism, domestic violence, and animal abuse, her work explores linked oppressions and examines the patriarchal power structure that perpetuates them. Her immersive sound installations include often overlooked animals and their troubled and abusive relationship with human animals. From January through March,2020, her current ongoing immersive installation, Urban Wild Coyote Project, was exhibited in its entirety for the first time as part of the exhibition, Animals Across Discipline, Time, and Space at the McMaster Museum of Art in Hamilton, Ontario, curated by Dr. Tracy McDonald. A full color catalog was published, written by Mandy-Suzanne Wong.