a virtual exhibition

Curated by Janell O’Rourke and Jane O’Hara

Compassion Arts is honored to have worked with curators Jane O’Hara and Janell O'Rourke in creating and presenting The Fifth Trust group exhibition for the 2021 Compassion Arts Festival on The Ten Trusts (inspired by the book 'The Ten Trusts' by Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff). The Fifth Trust exhibit's stunning selection of thought-provoking works by fifteen women artists for animals is a compelling exploration of our relationship with, and responsibility to, other animals and the Earth. We hope that by seeing animals through the lens of this powerful exhibition, viewers may reflect more deeply on other sentient beings, in expanding our circle of compassion in the stewardship of the planet we share.

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Ellie Sarty / Compassion Arts project creator



Embers, Linnea Ryshke, pastel and acrylic on wood, 2020